I just want to tell you that I really like your cd entitled Good Time Down Home! It is some of the best music I have ever heard. The songs are great and the singing and playing...Fantastic!
Just met Roy and Lizzy. What a great eve in Cleveland wv. Great music and a great inspiration for me to pick up my guitar. Thanks to my wife who secretly bought my ticket and took me .! Superb talent and so entertaining!!
July 9th,2016 OMG y'all were awesome. Visiting relatives in Fairmont, WVa an staying at SageBush/Country Music Hall Campgrounds, What a treat to get to see y'all, always considered myself a Country Western Fan but, I'm hooked on Bluegrass now. Lizzys " Blueberry Pie" is one of my favorites. Heading back to Texas in about a week BUT, we'll be seeing you in Glen Rose,Tx in September!
You guys were great saw you at washboard festival in Logan Ohio please come back next year
Saw your show in Washington Ga. on Thursday 6/16/16 for the Rayle EMC meeting. LOVED the show, but we always do.
I have been a life long fan of Little Roy! Attended my first Lewis Family concert in 1964! I learned to play the guitar watching the old WJBF television shows. I hope you guys have some Texas concerts planned! Thank you.
Little is one of my all time favorites! Keep picking Roy!
Saw you guys at the festival on Sat 30th. I'm not sure that Roy actually gets or reads any of these but I was the amputee in the wheelchair by the steps going onstage. I told him how he was my dad's favorite gospel singer to watch. He loved the faces and antics Roy does as he blesses us! I can still see his beaming smile as he watched the performances! He's been gone 6 years the 6th of this month. I just wanted you guys to know how much of an impact you had on him and me as well! May God continue to bless each and every one of y'all!
taught nathan stewart and tyler biddix all they know. Turned out pretty good, huh:
I taught Nathan Stewart and Tyler Biddix everything they know. Pretty good, huh?
taught nathan stewart and tyler biddix all they know. Turned out pretty good, huh:
Little Roy: I'm doing a new book for the U of Tennessee Press which will have a whole new chapter on the Lewis Family updated to Little Roy & Lizzy. Hope to see you a couple of times this Summer, especially the Logan Washboard Festival and Sage-brush Roundup. My WVA book has a lot on the old original Sagebrush Rouhndup, so it should be a good place to sell some books! Thanks again, Ivan Tribe
Happy " B " Day Little Roy Looking forward to spending time with you and Lizzy at the 4th annual festival. Soooo what's for dinner on Wed. night. Lizzy, I called and e mailed Soap Creek campground but no answer or call back from them ???
Thanks yall so much. The little roy and lizzy show made my day. I really appreciate the tips and pointers that nathan graciously show me in his spare time before the concert. I had a really good time and i think he did too. Again, thanks to the little roy and lizzy show. Especially to Nathan!
Beginning to bite at the bit as we draw closer to your festival and spending a week in Lincolnton. Our favorite place to be for a festival. Love you folks.
Happy Birthday!
hi just arrived home from dannys 2016 cruise. new to bluegrass. not any more. seen most of your shows couldnt get enough. youre terriffic!
I have loved watching The Lewis Family on the Augusta station back in the 50s and 60s. They have always been one of my favorites. Now I enjoy the Little Roy and Lizzie Show at Breazeales Grocery. Looking forward to January 22 this year.
What a SHOW!! Just watched you guys on Song of the Mountain on the PBS TV station in Marion, VA. What are you guys on?? Never saw as much energy!! Truly a GREAT SHOW. Checking your schedule for 2016 I see there are (3) shows near me. You can bet I'll be at one of them as a minimum. Keep making the GREAT MUSIC!! Wishing you guys a safe and enjoyable year on the road. You just added another fan to your many. Take care.
Loved your show at Tom Bean eice to get to visit with you. Looking forward to see you at Turkey Track 2016 Be safe and God Bless.
Tucson - small concert series. I have a patron asking for you to come to Tucson. If you find you are ever routing through I 10- let us know. (Picking in the Pines (flagstaff) or Pick-a-mania (Silver City, NM)would be a good fit for you! Rhtyhmandroots.org Tucson AZ Doing shows at the Historic Hotel Congress
I just wanted to wish y'all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, too. Love y'all bunches... B.B.
I just wanted to tell y'all. MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a Happy and prosperous New Year! Love y'all bunches! Rockin' Stevie
Love the new Blueberry pie cd
Was so good to see you again Little Roy! You and Lizzy have a great band! but sure missed your family! I would like to get you sometime to do a benefit show for my American legion post. Billy
Simply put, American Well is taking atnavdage of the "Long Tail" created by the reduction in costs of distribution the web has to offer. Their goal is not to replace traditional doctor visits, but rather to offer a new tier of service that is lower in cost to the provider and more accessible to the patient.
Congratulations Lizzy and Rhonda 2015 Dove Award WINNERS Bluegrass Song of the Year!!!! "God is There" Blueberry Pie album
Little Roy, I REALLY appreciate the time you spent with me at the Oak Grove festival Oct 1 & 2, at my RV playing the banjos. I really value your experience & opinion, especially about my Prewar banjos. I really hope I can see you at the Jams at Spearsville/Taylortown this December. Be Safe Aaron
We saw your performance at the OBX bluegrass festival. Love the music, love the energy, love the chemistry, love y'all!!!
Seen your show a couple of times at Renfro Valley. Always a good show. Keep up the good work.
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Just left Lodi. Your show at "Pickin' in the Pasture" was as excellent as the last one we saw two years ago. My sons have already started imitating Little Roy...again! I love it. Thanks to Little Roy for meeting with them, they are very exited and have already posted your picture on their walls.
Seen you a few times at Renfro Valley Kentucky. Always a good show. Look forward to the next time.
I saw you in shallotte n c at the armory ,talk about your model a ford etc. well i saw you last night 8/2/2015 good show, . the joke you told about acts 238 , i went to the jeromes steak house in shallotte, walked in saw a group of nice black people there and i spoke then i started the joke.it was right after church . of course i said i bet the preacher kept you long today ,they said no ,i said it just like you done it a preacher preached for one hour 45 min , when i was done with that joke they were about to roll in the floor. i could not believe i pulled it off so good. keep the faith and keep singing
Your song Remember Me is great! Keep up the good work. I first saw you guys sing that song on BlueHighwayTV. I love Lizzy's voice and her beautiful smile. I can't get enough of watching her, because the rest of her is beautiful too! Love you guys!
I enjoyed your concert tonight so much! The 30th Anniversary celebration on 7/11/15 was just awesome! Could've listened to everyone forever!
We were recently in Renfro Valley for the Bluegrass Festival. We've never been so entertained! Loved it!
we watchwed you on Dish and loved your show, that gospel song was great never heard it before. Hope we can find you again on Dish. Blessings from peru indiana
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Saw your show on rfd with Ronnie Reno....really enjoyed it. Is your show coming out west anytime soon?? I am in Phoenix Az. but would travel to see you guys...think you are great!
I've been living in Savannah Lakes Village (right around the corner from you) since 2010, but I have have only found you recently found you. I am looking forward to hearing you perform this week. God bless. Roy
Need more information re: Roy & Lizzy Show scheduled in Kenbridge, Saturday, May 30th. Need to know cost, how to purchase tickets, time of concert, etc. I have tried the phone number listed as a contact numerous times but have yet to speak to a "live" person. I have left several voicemail messages and a number for them to contact me but have not received a call back yet. Thank you.
Love your music
Last night I saw your show at Lucketts, VA. It was a great show. I know you hear that all the time, but for me it was wonderful.I have been sad and worse for a long time. I was only a few days out of a psychiatric hospital. You filled me up with music and laughter and lifted me up. I hadn't laughed so much,a deep belly laugh, as I did at your show. There is so much talent. My blessings to everyone. I hope I will see your show again. I looked at your shop quickly and I think I saw a DVD there. If it is as I remember I can bring your song and laughter into my home. That would be good for me I think. Thank you so much. JoAnne
Can y'all please come to winston salem north carolina and little roy how are your two sisters doing and can u teach me a few banjo tunes and I have a stepsister and a stepfather and I'm living with my mom and stepfather and I also have a 6 month old half sister and a almost 3 year old brother and tell jeff and sherri that I said hello and I'm praying for y'all happy easter
Hi you two. I was so happy to see you at the Palatka Shows last year and in February of this year. You and you band are the most talented musicians. You always put a smile on my face and life up my day. Little Roy, I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your health daily and I know that our God is GOOD! Keep on picking for Him. Lizzy, thank you for all the wonderful songs you sing with that beautiful voice! God Bless you BOTH. John Dolan Down in Florida
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE ROY! love, joy, Brittany, Brandy, madalyn,and Pluto
Happy birthday to Little Roy
Just returned home for the Feb. 2015 Palatka Festival. Thank you for signing by bass and for you for being such gracious and down to earth performers. Looking forward to see your show again in the future. Charlie
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Enjoyed your show at the Woodbine Opry in Woodbine, Georgia. I remember fondly listening to the Lewis Family.
We bought your DVD Live at the Bell Auditorium last night at the Woodbine Opry and it freezes up part way through "Remember Me". Would you please replace it for us? Please send us an e-mail with instructions.
Beautiful Music , Love it Very Much . Keep Playing !!!
Just saw Little Roy & Lizzy on Ronny Reno's TV show. Loved it. Can't wait to see you at a festival. Love it.
We live in Zephyrhills in the winter and attend the Pasco County Fair. We sure do miss seeing you folks. You always have been our favorite entertainers at this venue.
Little Roy, Thanks for coming by the hospital when I was so sick. My wife Elizabeth (Liz) told me you came by with, I believe, Rhonda Vincent. Email me your telephone number so I can call and catch up. Thanks, Billy Linneman
I love little roy
I had the privilege seeing your show in Palatake FL 3 years ago, and you have truly blessed my life.
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Heard you for first time on WVPBS Mountain Songs, you are great I love your music going to look for your album tomorrow. Love your website your the GREATEST keep up good work and music. Karl Labor SR.West Virginia.
I absolutely love Little Roy and Lizzy! Saw you for the first time at Myrtle Beach, SC at Thanksgiving and have been reading everything I can get my hands on since that time. Can't wait until I see ya'll again!
Little Roy and Lizzy, Thank you so much for taking a song that God woke me up at 3:00 AM one morning about 18 years ago "He washed my soul" and making it the 44th Annual GMA Dove Award winning "Recorded Bluegrass Song of the Year". You see, I'm Micheal Wayne Haun's cousin and name sake Ronald Wayne Haun and when he first started with DayWind Music as their A&R Director and was roommates with Jamie Helms, Wayne called me and asked about some of the songs I had written, "He washed my soul" was the first song I wrote and Jamie and Wayne helped my tweak it and write the music for it. Bless their hearts they wanted to take out the line "With his blood he washed my soul" and I refused and told them that's the whole reason for the song. They later agreed, but said it would take a miracle to ever get it recorded since no body wanted to sing about the blood, they thought it was just not popular at the time. I'm so glad you guys not only thought it's popular but agreed to record it, the only thing I noticed in hearing your rendition of the song is the part where you sing the words "I'll praise his name then I'm not sure what you say, but the way I wrote it was "I'll praises his name forever more, for with his blood he washed my soul". Anyway thank you again for recording it so the world could hear the message God gave me that wonderful morning. Oh and I would love to hear what you guys could do with my song "In a Whirlwind" recorded by "The Freemans" on their album "Standing Out". Thank you again, Ron Haun 865-771-1907
My father ran a bluegrass festival in the early 70's in Screven Georgia. The South Georgia Jamboree. His name was Emory A Rozier Sr. We had the Lewis Family at every festival, loved them all.
Hi Little Roy and Lizzy. I really enjoyed picking with you all last Friday nite.Everyone seemed to enjoy it as well. Looking forward to seeing you at Breazeal"s store in Jan. Larry Bell.
Love your Bluegrass show ,especially enjoyed the Dumplin Valley shows . I want to make the Lincolnton show in 2015
I saw you at the Cartersville Bluegrass and Folk Festival. You guys were great !
Thank you for a wonderful show in Waldron Ar at Turkey Track. It was a pleasure. I will be adding your music to my collection.
I was at the Glen Rose Bluegrass Festival this October and I thought your band was just amazing. I would love to see you again in Texas, please keep me informed with your schedule.
Just saw your afternoon and evening performance in Pontiac, IL. Outstanding, have never seen so much energy and talent on stage. Thank you!
Thanks for a great night of entertainment in Burkesville. Sorry that Lizzy had some trouble with her voice and hope it gets better. We saw you before at the private party in Tompkinsville at the Williams' place. Once again we had a wonderful and fun night. Thank you.
I saw you all on Songs of the Mountain this past Thursday. I think you are just awesome, especially when Little Roy changed hats so many times. Lizzy you have a great voice and a fine musician...Love you all and God bless.
We enjoyed your shows at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas....you are accomplished musicians as well as fabulous entertainers....Tina, being from Mississippi, especially loved Roy's Southern drawl enriched with Georgia overtones....Best Wishes!
Really enjoyed you folks at the Salmon Lake Bluegrass Festival. Wish we could go on the cruise but our daughter is expecting to deliver a grand baby during that time. best regards, Bart and Arlene
Y'all rock!! No, I mean you really really rock! Saw your show for the first time at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, TX and was absolutely blown away. My four children ages 14 to 7 were also hooked and now we want your CDs to play in the car. Thanks for such a great time.
Hi folks, I was at the L'il Margaret's Bluegrass Festival at the Goddard Farm in Maryland a few weeks ago, and caught your act. It was fantastic!! There was one song in particular that I went crazy over. I think Little Roy said it was one that the Lewis Family used to sing, but I'm not sure. It was a real rocking and stomping gospel song, and I think there was one point where the chorus had several of you singing "how how how" or something like that. Do you know what song I'm thinking of? Thanks, Jack Sanders
Thank you so much for a wonderful night. We were at the River Breeze cabin as guests of the Williams family tonight (8/2). You came and sat with me, my wife and her parents and spent some time with us and played your banjo and autoharp. These are wonderful memories we will treasure for a long time. We appreciate your hospitality and talent. May your talent continue to shine and bring pleasure to all for many years. Again, thanks.
I have followed the Lewis family and continuing with the Little Roy and Lizzy show. Just love them.
I used to go to your concerts 25 years ago when it was the whole great big family. Love you guys.
We just watched your group on Song of the Mountain and you are wonderful! Thanks
We were at the festival in Lexington, loved your show, looking forward to next one, just about wore out the CD we bought.
Love watching you on TV "Little Roy and Liz" you are the greatest. Even my 3 dogs lie down when you come on because they don't want to miss what might happen next. Love Ya!
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Hi, I think Lizzy should hook up with Joe Newberry for a good clawhammer duel.
Fantastic band
Just finished watching in Auburn at Bluegrass on the Plains! The show was fantastic! We love seeing your shows! Keep up the great work!
hey ilike your show and i like your music wouldlike to have someof your cd so i canlisten to them
My wife and I are looking forward to seeing ya'll again every time has been such a pleasure. See ya'll in may.
Awesome, driving bluegrass! Love hearing you!
Just watched y'alls show for the first and loved it! Can't wait till y'all come to Tennessee!
We really enjoy your shows. see you in Marine, Ohio April 11 & May 2,3,&4th;I Georga.
Planning on a week in Lincolnton during the Festival on May 1,2,& 3. Since my last post back in June of last year we have seen you at the Mineral Bluegrass Festival, Kenbridge and Myrtle Beach. After the festival will see you in Kenbridge again and to top it all off I have you scheduled for my church for June 14th to help me celebrate my birthday. When you come to Mount Gilead I believe that out of 125 people invited only 5 will have seen you before. Want to expose the folks to what true bluegrass and fun is all about as I will have the very best there for them to see. May you be blessed in what you do and have safe travels. Joan and I love you folks.
They talked about your music in Denmark! http://dagensmode.dk/darling-s-bh-madonna-undertoj/ - its great guys ... hurray for youtube! :)
we absolutely love watching your show. We have watched the tape of the Song of the Mountain Show in Marion, Va. about 8 times. Hope to see you in person soon.
Saw your show at Greensboro, Ga Sat 2-1-14. It was the Greatest. I am 74 and have been enjoying Little Roy and his family since I was 14 years old. Used to watch the Louis Family on the Augusta TV Station. Thank you so much for carrying on the Bluegrass Music.
Saw your show Saturday night in Troy NC and loved it. Never been to a Bluegrass show before. If I get the chance I will go see you again. Hope to get you in Asheboro NC sometime in the future. We have a beautiful theatre you can be in and it seats a lot of people.
Just saw your show on NC-ETV and loved it! What talent...do your ever come near Greenville, SC? WOULD LOVE TO GET ON YOUR EMAIL LIST. THANKS!
Enjoying you so much on Song of the Mountains!
love ya all
just wanted to listen,and check this out. my dad used to be an excellent banjo player also, our family was very musical.
I had so much fun watching y'all at Bean Blossom this year. Little Roy, you made me laugh so much and when you had that costume on messing with the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. That whole day was a great day. Thank you. I hope there is video of that.
Hi Lizzy, Thanks for taking the pic with my grandchildren last night in Titusville. Looking forward to seeing it on the facebook page. Great show!!!
Caught your show in Titusville.Great show. Hadn't seen Roy in years, since Myrtle Beach, 2000 I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Lizzy. Same energy but can't hit the high notes. LOL
Hey Lizzy and Little Roy sure enjoyed the video
L Roy==Lizzy-It was great being on stage with ya'll @ "Bluegrass on the Plains"-seen the video it was great..Wanted to say sorry Lizzy; until the video didn't know you got your fiddle for a break; my bad;;Maby our trails will cross again;i hope so;later rt
What an awesome group!!! Especially precious pretty boy golden fingers David Heavner....Lizzy you are the bomb, the coolest chic I know!!! Amd of course Little Roy what an awesome, very talented man!!! We love y'all!!! The Cranford's from south Ga......
I just came from your show in Clearspring md/ Your show just blew me away. I have watched little roy since i was a little boy im now 54 years old and he still amazes me. Little Roy do you remeber playing at SUINSET PARK IN NEW OXFORD PA. Your family was there for many years and im blown away how you still carry on after all these years. You made smile and happy Thank you for the laughs again, I can t wait to see you again. May God continue to bless all of you in the coming year. Thank you again. Sincerly Wayne Tusing (Hagerstown Md)
I think all of you are the best and I really like your shows .Especially enjoyed your show at the Ruby last month.We try to see as many of your shows where possible.We look forward to your show Jan 18th and we hope we can make the show in Lincolnton next may
Just watched you on Song of the mountains on UNC TV. I'am a lifelong fan of The Lweis Family...and I miss that showmanship so much. Now we have it again with Little Roy and Lizzie. I can't wait to see you live again. Absolutely perfect showmanship and professionalism. I hope to see you at the Blueridge music center near Galax Va. sometime soon. or the Rex in Downtown Galax! It would be a sell out 100 times over!!!! Thank you for making music fun again.
Little Roy and Lizzy, enjoyed your show in Guyton yesterday ! GREAT MUSIC ! We hope to see you at Randy Woods in Dec.! Take Care. Steve & Peyton.
i ashley nicole isgett realy loves yalls bluegrass music so very much and i hope to see yall on saturday
Little. Roy. Lewis. You. Are. So. Funny. And. I. Love. You. Little. Roy
Saw y'all for the first time ever in Hoboken at Twin Oaks last night. Y'all did a great job! I'll be gong to see y'all again soon.
got little roy banjo cd. love it like we love all of you. Glad to see you will be in west cliff co. and ruidoso nm miss all of you.
You folks did a fantastic job in Martinsburg Pa this passed Friday evening. Loved your performance.
Your performance on Song of the Mountains just aired locally- great set! I've seen you live 5-6 times; your musicianship and stage presence translate to 'the little screen' very well! I'm hoping to make it to your festival next May!
Saw you in Milan . Awesome show . Lizzy is the best cant wait to see you again
A long time Lewis Family fan and now a fan of Little Roy and Lizzy. So glad I found your website.
Got a chance to see your show in New Mexico @ the Cowboy Symposium. Enjoyed your music. Hope to see yall in the Houston Texas area someday.
Little Roy and Lizzy and the band are one of the finest in bluegrass today. If you can please go see them. You will not be sorry.
Hi, this is Susan Bonnie Lewis's first cousin. love the music.
Saw you at Sheridan, Indiana. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING! Wonderful entertainment and thank very much for your commitment to your craft! Because of that, we get to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Can't wait to see you again when I bring more family members and friends with me.
I have a couple of song I would like you to hear. Do you listen to new material? Send me an address if you would like to hear them.
Just got home from Sheridan IN bluegrass festival. What a treat to hear you all. Terrific show. I am looking forward to seeing you in Pigeon Forge at Christmas.
Could you please send me the words to LORD IN THE MORNING . My sister wants it and we can't make out some of the words and she loves the song. thank you
great job @ Alburn,Al---rt
I have loved the Lewis Family for years. I've been privoledged to see them in person twice -- totally wonderful shows. Hopefully, I'll get to see your new show in Rock Cave, WV this month. Keep up the great work of spreading the Gospel in your songs and entertaining shows. God richly bless each of you. Love you all, Steve Miller
I first saw your group on Gospel Showcase with Guy Penrod. Wonderful--great sound! My daughter, Keren, age 8, loves you too! We have been fans of the Lewis family and the Easters for many years! We love your songs! Keep singing for Jesus! Any dvd's of your show on the way? We love that too! :) May God richly bless you all and keep you. The Tooill (pronounced Tool) Family, Ryan, Jennifer and Keren
Caught you on Song of the Mountains. Great show Lizzy's voice is incredible
What an awesome show at Windgap Pa. Bluegrass festival this year. Little Roy and the Lewis family have been a long time favorite,Little Roy has amazing talent!!Lizzy you are great too hope to see you guys again.
Cannot reach you by phone. Read a great article in The Singing News about your being selected for the SGMA Hall of Fame, along with Polly. Congratultions! It is well deserved. Hope to see you before too much longer.
I saw you recently on Guy Penrod's program and really enjoyed your music.I heard the Lewis Family a few times as I was growing up in Tampa,Fl. I now live in Ontario,Ca. You did a great job on " Didn't it rain".Can't wait to see you on again. Would like to purchase some DVD's if you have some available.Thank you.
Last saw you in Kenbridge VA and Myrtle Beach. Looking to Mineral Bluegrass Festival and Myrtle Beach 2013 and back in Kenbridge this fall.You folks are the best. Would love to have you at Mount Gilead Baptist Church.
Would like to see you come to Williamson, WVa
I just love all u,herd u for the first time on 5-28-13 on t.v. u are a Blessing to me for sure, hope to see u in Newark ohio in Nov.... may God Bless u all.......
We really enjoyed the Lincolnton festival! Looking forward to next year!
Really enjoyed u festival was one of the best I've seen
We loved your performance at North Platte, Ne this past weekend. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Paul Carlson, one of your biggest fans and banjo player from Maine has had a stroke and has lost the use of his left side. His address is now Paul Carlson c/o Sanfield Rehab Assisted Living Center 95 Main Street Hartland, Maine
You have a great and multi-talented group, I have been a Lewis Family Fan since I first saw them back in the early 1970s. I was also a fan of the Hoyles since back about 1971, and once worked with Eddie. Al is not only our Mayor here in Ellijay, but I also consider him a good friend. I am glad to see atleast three of the Hoyles playing with Little Roy and Lizzie. You are all just Great!!
Me and old George Cram believe you folks are the BEST ! We will see you next year @ Dade City. Thanks for all the fun you bring to people like us. Jack
Hey, heard your recent concerts @ Walnut Grove and Camak Ga. First time I'd heard you-love your style. Lizzy, wow what a bluegrass voice! Little Roy a real experience I would hated to have missed in this life. Love the whole group Al,Lisa,Nathan. See you at Clark's Hill. Malcolm
awesome preview can't wait to see them in june at windgap pa.
Hello "old" friend... from your BEST VIDEO DIRECTOR of all time! From Television Park.
Had the distinct pleasure of seeing the show Saturday afternoon in Schaumburg, Illinois. We were the group of 57 from Wisconsin. And Little Roy, thanks for coming out to our bus. Classy thing to do. My guests were all thrilled. Our paths will cross, no doubt, another day. Thanks for the CD's for WWIS Radio here in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. I will begin using cuts from them this coming Sunday on my Bluegrass show. Thanks again and what a great show with a tremendous amount of energy. Dick Deno
Little Roy & Lizzie you are the best.Love you & love your group.Can't hardly wait to see you again.
Little Roy, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the joy you brought to my dad, "Big John" Shaw here in Newark, Ohio. He love you guys so much and even though he's been gone nearly four years now, we still think about you and your family. Wishing you all the best and hope to catch your show the next time you're in Hanover.
I first heard little roy and lizzy at the 2012 sc blue grass festival in myrtle beach. My foot was tapping so much it was sore the next day, I love your music and plan to see you play when ever I can. A true fan
Saw you at Brazeale's in Anderson, SC last Friday night and loved your show. Hope to see you in Lincolnton in May.
Hello, I am Don Acevedo's sister, you played at his place last evening, so sorry I missed it. I have been trying to see if I can get a hold of your CD Lewis Family Alive and Pickin. Where may I purchase a copy? Thanks Sylvia
Just saw you guys at the Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival. Terrific show as usual and we are looking forward to your May show in Lincolnton, Ga.
Love you guys,see you in Jekyll Island
Hello, had the pleasure to meet you guys at Springfield Ilinois. Even got to help load your stuff in the bus. Love you guys !
Longtime (a really longtime) friend of the Lewis Family, especilly close to Polly. You have a great sound guys. I wish you every success.
And buy the way, I still use "Roy´s Own" in the index n´middle. Great picks! ;-) /Bo
Hello, The Little Roy and Lizzy Show! It was great fun to meet you again this summer and I really enjoy your music and the great spirit yáll have! Hope to get back and pick a tune or two with some more quality time to play! I am thinking of you all a lot. Greetings from Sweden, Bo
I love this music! Yihhaaaa http://nordthailand.dk
We used to sell leather at Coney Grove in GA back in the '70s. I made You a banjo strap, Little Roy. I still love your music. Glad to see your still as wonderful as ever.
Loved your show last night!! 29 Sep at the Stage brush roundup in Fairmont WV. I am ready for your next show, can't wait to see you play again. GREAT SHOW
I would like to know if there is still plans to release a DVD from the Little Roy and Lizzy show taped at the Bell Auditorium in Augusta earlier this year? I have been looking forward to this. It was a great show with Donna Douglas as guest. Thanks, Sam
enjoyed the show at lansdale at jr dynamitexs church as little roy calls hiem that was my first look at the new group have been a lewis family fan for over 30 years Little Roy thanks for getting your picture takin with my mom she loved it. Keep p the good work thansk for sharing your amazing talents with us
Just wanted to tell you Roy and Lizzy that I really enjoyed the show Monday evening Sept 3 at the Dover Fireman's carnival!
We absolutely loved your show during Pickin in the Pasture! Can't wait to see you again in Sodus!
Hi yall hope your summer went well, will see ya in brooksville, at thanksgiving, safe journey's Lewis
See you in the Pasture on Saturday. Safe travels!
We were there at Lil' Margaret's Bluegrass Festival in Leonardtown, MD. We enjoyed both of your shows and look forward to seeing you at another time. Have a fantastic day.
really enjoyed you all at shade gap,pa this year.been there for your show the last 10 yrs. would like for you all to do THE OLD FAMILY TABLE.
Lizzy and Little Roy words can't begin to express just how happy I am to see you two playing together again in a group. I saw you two together for the first time in FL at a festival and have love you guys from that point on. I will never forget when you two threw off your shows and played with your feet. I laughed until I was crying. Keep up the good work. May God Bless you guys in your days to come.
Great show at the Upshur County Fair
hey i liketo l;isten to yur music andi would like tp have a tapebuti donthavethe money to pay to get any of them
What a day, Little Roy and Lizzie and also Rhonda in Pa. Lots of rain and the show was worth sitting in it. Loved your chicken gift to Rhonda Lizzie.
great show at Mineral......good music great vocals....
I'm the guy from Arizona..Anyway, really appreciate the effort and talent Little Roy and Lizzy display in their shows. As a matter of fact, Little Roy is not like lots of banjo players; he is more than willing to demonstrate some of his "licks," I really think this show is on the brink of becoming the top show in bluegrass music today. Of course, Daily and Vincent are great, however, Little Roy and Lizzy are near the top. I absolutely advise anyone to come see the show and then see what you think...They do not do any one song that you will NOT like. Lets get them to Arizona and show the westerners what real bluegrass is....
put me on your mailing list
We saw LR & LL last night at Randy Woods. FANTASTIC SHOW ! It was my wife, "Bonnie Bennett"'s birthday ! I also brought my 89 yr. old dad and my two youngest children, everyone had a great time ! We hope to see you in Dec. at RW, and before that in Guyton. Thanks again, Steve Bennett.
Little Roy is the one who made the Lewis Family exciting and fun! Now, with his daughter, he has taken his musical career into a new direction that is attracting fans from throughout the musicial industry. JOHN G KINES,JR. PRINCE GEORGE,VIRGINIA
Growing up my grandparents would pack the RV and off we'd go from one bluegrass event to another to see the one and only Lewis Family. Now I am the one finding the bluegrass events in our area to take my grandparents and kids too. I am so anxious to see Little Roy & Lizzy Show on Aug. 1 in Gypsy Hill Park in Staunton, VA! I wonder if Little Roy is still riding his tricycle, and wearing those goofy glasses.? He is such a wonderful entertaining musician!
Saw you for the first time at Wind Gap. Didn't realize Roy was the Roy from the Lewis Family. You both are just so great! Bought Lord In The Morning and played and played it. Will try to come to other of your concerts. Will order more CD's on line. Thanks for being so great - Roy is a GREAT entertainer-Lizzie is LIFE!
Saw you in Wind Gap, PA festival with Ralph Stanley. Enjoyed your show and just wanted to say THANK YOU. You and your band are quality musicians.
We enjoyed meeting you both in Auburn Alabama last week. Little Roy, thank you for providing a spiritual and musical foundation for us over the years. Lizzy, thank you for showing our daughters how talented your generation is and how His music fits into life's plan. Again, thank you both from the Monks Family! Terri & Dale Monks
hey flailer!!! (who else calls you that?! Can I get a bathroom dance??? LOL!!) i lost your number and everyone else's when my phone broke. i dont know if you read this or if bonnie keeps a check on it, but i'd like it if you would text me and let me know how you're doin!! MIss you lots! :) love ya. Lisa ps-LOVE all your new tunes!! You're all sounding better than ever!
To Little Roy & Lizzy, Your new cd is awesome. Got it today in the mail and I've already listened to it several times. I also like the way it is made with the band on the front and also you two together. An idea now is to make both of those pictures into color 8x10's for sale. I can't speak for others but for my part I know I would buy them both. Can't wait to see all of you on the road this year. I've looked at you'll calendar dates and I see that you are pretty busy. Well just wanted you to know about the new cd. Keep them coming, the music is great and I hope the cd does well for you all. May God watch over all of you at all times no matter where you go.Take care you hear. A fan & friend, donnie baskette
I neglected to give a name and address for your music cd/dvd choices to be sent to my aunt: Ronda Miller 611 15th St Wellsville, OH 43968
My 70 year old aunt is interested in receiving a catalog of your music cds and dvds to be able to order some. She does not do anything with computers. thanks,
We were sorry your Marmet show promoter went out of business and we missed seeing your show. We had looked forward to being there. However, we will see you at the glenville banquet next saturday.
Really enjoyed your show Saturday evening at the firehall in Spry, Pa. Have played your new CD over & over! Glad that Roy is still performing. Hope to see you all again at the Dover fair this Fall. Keep on Pickin.
I would like to see if yall could come to Georgia to do a benefit sing for me yall can please send me an email and let me know when yall could do one. Barbara Howell
I saw your show last night in York, PA. Very entertaining. I thought I would check your web site and I'm disappointed in your bio section. There are five people in your show and no mention of your very important support staff. Being a bass player myself, the show wouldn't be all that entertaining without all of you. Unless you consider them easily replaceable you should give them the recognition they deserve. Good job last night Lisa. Mike Foster Newsletter Editor Seven Mountains Bluegrass Organization
Hey Little Roy & Lizzy Planning on seeing y'all at Randy Wood Guitars, Bloomingdale, Ga. in July. Haven't seen y'all since Feb 2011 in Dade City, Fl. I know it will be a GREAT show!!! Keep up the good work---from Sebring, Florida
Last Saturday at "bluegrass under the stars" was my first time hearing "The Little Roy and Lizzy Show".I just want to say that I really enjoyed it and will be coming to see yall again whenever you're in the area.Couldn't think of a better way to have ended the show than yalls tribute to Earl........it was awesome......
sure did enjoy your show at bluegrass under the stars 2012 hope to see u again soon
sure did enjoy your show at bluegrass under the stars 2012 hope to see u again soon
i saw you guys at blistered fingers a couple of times really loved your music have really enjoyed bluegrass music ever since thanks for the memories may god bless you all
Little Roy Lewis is the reason I learned to play guitar (was not good enough for banjo)Lol. The Lewis Family was the first concert I ever saw. And They were all so nice to me (a little 5year old scruffy kid). I love your music it is awesome!Such great music.
Caught the show at James Brown Arena in Augusta...great show! You guys always are fantastic! When will the DVD be available for purchase?
Logan, Ohio folks are looking forward to your concert on March 24th 2012
Roy/Lizzy, So sad to see you are not booked for Labor Day outdoor service at Lansdale PA (with Pastor Dynamite). I just bought a banjo because of you guys! Guess we'll have to come to York and Wind Gap PA. Really want to watch your fingers in action. God Bless Art
Saw you & your sisters a few years ago at Bill Bailey's Manatee winter convention. You were so great we looked up your schedule and saw that you would be at the Pasco fair. So of course we went to see you there and bought a CD.
Just want to wish Little Roy a happy birthday Friday, and many more to come. Enjoyed the Woodbine opry show, and hope Lizzy is feeling better. Peace and Health be with You all, and may all Your problems be so small the Microscope won't pick em up.
Jackson was sure excited that "you got to play with him" at the Woodbine Opry. We, his parents, appreciate you doing that. We really enjoyed your show and hope Lizzy feels better. Jackson's Parents
Really enjoyed last night in Woodbine. Second time My wife and I have seen yall. Last year at the Georgia Mtn. Fair was the firt time. Had front row seats last night. I was the Fat man in overalls.
Really enjoyed the show in Shepherdsville Ky last night. It was our first time seeing your show but it won't be the last.
Are you and Raymond Fairchild still doing your famouse stage skits? You two,when together,steal the show! So funny!
Really enjoyed your show at Breazeals store in Anderson S C. Hope to catch you again soon. Thanks Tom
Hope to get to see you guys soon.
Just saw the flyers for Charlotte and Milan, Michigan. So disappointed that you are not on the flyer.
little roy,I used to play bass with grass fire. sure wish you all would come to austin and play a show and do some pickin'. I still double slap the ole bass. louise and I send our love. been a long time since the early 80's. give us a call.
Your Jekyll Island New Year's Show was SPECTACULAR!! Thanks for making the photo shoot with Rhonda Vincent.
Lizzy love your singing voice!
My wife and I really enjoyed the fantastic show you and all the band members gave. Lizzy, you are very talented. As I told you at Hanover, you are as beautiful as your voice Will definitely catch your next show, when in our area again.
1st saw your group a few months ago in Newark oh. We are looking forward to your show tonight back in Newark @ Licking Valley school.
We are "HOOKED" fans for life! Twin Oaks Park, Benton Lee's Steakhouse,&Jekyll;Island. GREAT SHOW!
Really enjoyed the show in Thomaston,Ga. this weekend. Hope to see ya'll in Bloomingdale, Ga. in December.
is lizzy married,if not,do you wont to
Roy, I've enjoyed The Lewis Family several times at festivals. Now I'm looking forward to meeting you and Lizzy at Hickory Grove Park in Deville LA.
My wife and I were at Dumplin valley Bluegrass and sure enjoyed all of you and the Blugrass. J T
I just seen your show in Mitchell, Indiana and really enjoyed myself. I was raised up in Wash State listening to a 8 track tape of the Lewis family. Little Roy told a story about a lady named Mrs. Crab tree who served them fried chicken and asked him to say the blessing, he said as his head went down he said dear Lord chicken....I enjoyed this 8 track and never for got, when I seen in the paper that Little Roy was comimg to Mitchell I called my Dad in a hurry and said LETS GO!
We LOVED you guys!!! We just bought the CD and are enjoying it in our camper right now!!! You are a beautiful lady with a great voice, each of you bring a special quality to the band which is inspiring to me and my family...PLEASE keep on playing and making the special music you guys do!! After 30 years I have a new favorite Bluegrass Music Band!(please do not tell Mr. Whit of The Flat Top Traveler) Thank you for the new memories with my family and your music....I almost started crying, but thought the better of it...people would have thought I lost my mind...but they would have been tears of happiness and enjoyment..Nope not senile, to young to be senile...only 41 and enjoying life with your music..Thank You ALL!!!(From a camper in Hoboken, Ga.'s Music Park)
Look foward to seeing you perform at Rudys bluegrass in the woods.Ill be in the ole red gm bus with Morgan on the back.Please come by and have a chat with me and my family. peace/love Morgan
Little Roy, Lizzie, and the Band: Thanks so much coming to Le Mars, Iowa August 29th and doing your shows! I was simply a face in your audiences at the traditional country festival there. YOU ARE GREAT MUSICIANS AND ENTERTAINERS! The music on your website is great! You could have done real 'Dixie pride' music here. Some of us worked in the south years ago when we were pretty much 'Damn Yankees' - still your music and traditions are to be admired! Please come back to our area again sometime! The Everhart Le Mars festival is probably the biggest in the western Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota area. The Kenaston Family is very popular and runs a get-together in Wahoo, Nebraska in late June. Once again, thanks for visiting and entertaining us here in cornfield country! Mike Houston Council Bluffs, Iowa
Have met Little Roy and sisters many times when he played with Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road in Garner, N.C;. and also him and Lizzie when they came to the Outer Banks Music Showcase in Kill Devil Hills, N. C. I am Lorraine's sister in law. I hear that Little Roy is planning a Bluegrass Festival sometime in 2013 and I am working with Lorraine to get Danny Stanley and the Bluegrass Gentlemen Band some bookings. Three of these members, Danny, Tom Langdon (Lorraine's husband) and Wayne Ratley are former members of Carolina Sonshine Band, which I'm sure Little Roy is familiar with. I'm sure Little Roy will want to book Danny and his band for the 2013 festival. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much and we enjoy Little Roy and Lizzie - they are great together. Peggy Snead, Booking Agent for Danny Stanley and the Bluegrass Gentlemen.
We really enjoyed your show in Portland, Or and hope you can come back this way. The three CDs we got are great. we have been listening to them on our road trip to New Mexico
Been to see you in Lincolnton. Rebecca was a student of mine at Hephzibah Middle.Enjoy your music. Al
I like the concert and i liked the songs Goe bless you
Heard you at the Brumley Sing in Lebanon, MO, I enjoyed your music and style. Look forward to seeing you again. May God richly bless you.
I attended the Summer Concert in Stayton, OR and truly enjoyed it. There is nothing like Bluegrass country/gospel music. You all are a truly talented group of people. I pray God's blessings upon each of you. Kepp up the good work that God has blessed you with.
Love your shows
Hi - I took my dad to see you guys in Hiawassee last year and then again this year. You guys keep getting better and better. Could not belive how well the young man could play!! Looking forward to Hiawassee 2012 if Christ delays his coming.
Hey lizzy and little roy i saw yall at the georgia mountain fair today and that was the first time ive heard bluegrass and yall were amazing!
hey little roy...! i know yer' gonna' be all over the northwest, this summer, & we are deighted, by this... my husband, dave elliott, is one of the hosts, of the longest running bluegrass show on the west coast, @ kboo, 90.7 fm in portland... he would just love to have you on his show, the second saturday, of the month, but if not then, 'any' other saturday, that you can make it... we saw you in winfield... david's email is: davesccapos@yahoo.com phone is 503-663-3548 you can listen to the bluegrass show, anywhere on the planet @: kboo.fm saturday mornin's 9-noon, pacific time...
Really enjoyed the show at Hellish Farms! Brittany (Steuben County Dairy Princess) was mesmerized by the whole group of you. We are country folk at heart and your grandson stole my daughters....LOL. Best of luck to all of you! Would love to see you again.
Hey Lizzy! I love looking through "The Little Roy and Lizzy Show Stuff (schedule, products, pictures, etc...). I am so proud of you. I miss and Love you so much. Come see ole' sis sometime. :) Keep up the hard work.
sorry, after i saw what i wrote, i realized i spelled my state wrong... it is actually or'e'gon flower
hi there, little roy! glad to see yer' comin' out to orgon... haven't seen you, since the '70's @ winfield... my husband is one of the hosts of the bluegrass show on kboo 90.7fm, 'music from the true vine'. second saturday, every month...9am-noon pacific time. you can listen to kboo @: kboo.fm if you are avauilable that week for a phone interview, or are around here anywhere, we would just love it!& so would our listeners! we are a community radio station... i did a show on kboo for 9 1/2 years... vintage recordings of early string bands, mostly... called it mornin' glory! also, david makes capos... he is davescapos@yahoo.com he also makes dan crary's capos... i bet he'll have a banjo capo for you, when you get here! he * my son, will, make them here in gresham, handmade, solid brass... we loved the lewis family, but you are the memorable one... yer soooo funny! & we love you... flower elliott gresham oregon p.s. of course, david is also a musician... mando...
Little Roy,just wanted to thank you for the thumb pick you gave me at the Wind Gap Festival.When you learned I was taking banjo lessons you took the pick off your thumb and said this is fir good luck.I made a necklace from it and wear it all the time.Thanks so much for spending time with me and showing me your banjo.Your tops in my book, GOD be with you always.
Roy: New 25000kw FM WQMT 93.9 serves SE TN. & NW GA. on a Classic Country Format has added my 2 hour weekly Bluegrass & Country Gospel Show & needs product & promotion from your label. Each week a different Artist & LP is featured I sent the listners to your site as ours is under construdction. It sounded great & would like to sent you the show as it aired Fathers Day 2011 from 8:45 - 10:45. The radio station which houses 6 different formats said that as of today (Tues. 10:pm) folks were still calling wanting to purchase the LP. Same happen last week with "Paper Airplane" from Allison K & Union Station... Please allow us a phone call for your next project. My brother & I are really carpet layers from Dalton but for the past 40 years have enjoyed a blessed careers with music & promotion which really ties back to marketing & Carpet. Come see us & let us know if yuou'd be willing to help witrh our Gospel Radio Show. PS. WE feel this is annointed because the owners of stations gave us credit....and even offered to take a check. A Check? WE'll buy the place.... Blessings: Tom
It was so good to see you all today at the Cracker Barrel in Staunton, VA. Came home and looked when the Mineral VA. show is and I will be in Nags Head N,C.that week, but I see you are comming to Grottoes Va, Sept. 8th. so I hope to see you all at that show. I really enjoy your music and all the many talents you all have. Praying for safe travels for you all and God Bless!!!!
Roy, Just wanted to let you know that I've loved your music for many years. Also wanted to let you know that you got a "good" man when you hired Nathan Stewart. Have known Nathan for since he was a small boy. He is a really hard worker and lover of bluegrass music. He deserves the best. See you on the road. Randy Wise
Wonderful site.......great sounds! Looking forward to seeing you folks out on the road somewhere.
Roy and Lizzy, you have a great sound...Such talent is a pleasure to listen to... Have listened to Roy for many years, and Lizzy WOW what an addition....Good Luck to you all.
As a lifelong Lewis Family fan I'm very happy to see you all are carrying on not only the tradition of The Lewis Family but old time music. God Bless you on your new work and may you last as long as The Lewis Family!
Hi there Little Roy&lizzie;, Can I purchase your CD,s on line wth my visa debit card.
Greetings Little Roy & Lizzie: It was a pleasure seeing y'all this past Weekend in North Augusta. The performance was spectacular. It was also a pleasure sharing Channel Six memories with Little Roy. Y'all have a Fan & Friend for Life. Keep on keeping on. May God Continues to Bless You Both. Until we meet again. God Bless from your Fan & Friend In Christ. David Holton from Augusta,Ga
We met some of your family here at our restaurant,"Calhoun's Pub & Grub" & what a treat! Lizzy's nephew Bennett wowed customers with his guitar playing. My husband has a band titled "Phil Calhoun & The Trashy White Band" was extremely impressed with this small great talent...love your music & hope we do meet in preson. If in this area..please come in & play! Thanks, Norma Calhoun
I enjoyed meeting you at The Rudy Theatre in Selma, NC on Saturday! Please come to Preddyfest in Franklinton, NC! The website is preddyfest.com. Loved talking to you and love your music! My sisters and I did go to Parkers and ate that barbecue and chicken! Good! Look forward to the next visit!
Hello you all hope you all are doing well. I was looking forward to seeing you all soon but did not realize you were in Selma this weekend until I made other plans. So I guess I will see you all at Chocowity in October.
We are not from Dixie But from Toledo Oh. and we can't wait to see u at Charlotte Michigan. we are goin to this festival because you guys won't be able to make MIlan Mi. My son Cj Outland is pickin the banjo and says Little Roy is his Hero. See u In Charlotte!!! The Outland Family Loves Little Roy and Lizzie too!!!!
i have a real good friend named joe bass that would like little roys phone no. he wants to try to get him and lizzy booked here (ft worth) at a bluegrass festival also tiffany turner is a close friend i have picked with her a lot since she was about 10 yrs old i know her and family well thanks charlie holt
Little Roy & Lizzy, I really enjoyed your shows at Mr. B's. You'll singing and friendship was above all to me. It meant so much to see and talk to you both. Your music is great the way you perform it on stage. I also enjoyed talking to the band. Keep it up and may God be with you all. Oh one other thing I would like to see you get a picture poster say 16 x 20 of you and the band. One like the one you have on your web site. Thanks for listening. Sincerely, Donnie Baskette
I am very proud for my sister, Lizzy. She is an amazing person!
Hey keep up the good work Send us some of your CD's to our station at WRGS 211 Burem Rd. Rogersville, Tn. 37857 Thanks
We Saw ya'll at Randy Wood's Pickin Parlor last Saturday, WHAT A SHOW!! We will see you again. "Didn't it Rain" and "Honey in the Rock" were GREAT, but all of the rest was too. Thanks for a very good time. Steve and Peyton Bennett (8 yrs. old).
Hey, Lizzy and Little Roy, watch out for my former student/friend, AnnaGrace Kimbrough, High Road, she'll be on the Alaska cruise in August. mickey d
love your music and the sounds you do. see you at mr. b's
Lisa you and Al look like you are having a great time. Beats politics and accounting doesn't it?
Hi!We'er from Sparta Wi. Saw you guys in Mt.View Ark. Nothing like you two!Hope to see you in Two Rivers,Wi.I already bought your 10 lbs of cheese I promised you Roy.Safe travel.Jim
i got to see yall at the martin's lizzy and roy yall known that bluegrass music very good love it the martin's family made it happen so we can see yall play that bluegrass music love,lee
Hey Y'all! Love the web site. Hoping to cross paths to attend at least one of your concerts this Summer. Take care and Rock On!
Seen you guys at Newport Pa and as usual you were spectaclator, I enjoy your virgin of The Amazing Grace,, I listen every morning from your intro on the web site. Geezz I think i'am in Love with lizzy... Crazy old man of 72, like all you guy also..-:)
Hi Little Roy and Lizzie, it's good to see you carrying on your family tradition, I have really enjoyed playing at festivals with your family over the years. I enjoyed our visit at the festival at Westfield, IN a few years ago too, http://newkentuckycolonels.homestead.com
Hi Little Roy, have missed you and your family. We used to come see you in Texas at Glen Rose and Kerrville. We were friends of the Barr family. We are now retired and live the RV life. We are in Virginia Beach, Va and hope to get to one of your bluegrass dates this summer.
I need to learn how I can get tickets for the show in Boiling Springs, SC on April 29th.
Hey Little Roy just wanted to say Happy Birthday and hope you hsve many happy more to come. Hope to see you all soon. Trudy
Look forward to seeing you in Maine this summer. Saw Janice and Lewis in Arcadia Fl on the weekend. Wish I could catch you here in Florida.
Always look forward to seeing this band. They Are Wonderful!!!
Thoroughly enjoyed the show in Greensboro! You all are so very talented and really know how to entertain! Bennett is truly gifted and so fortunate to have a grandfather like you! Also, thank you for making my Uncle Bobby Boswell the happiest and proudest Papa around. Hope to catch another show soon!
hey just discovered your music today excellent frae bonnie scotland scvc78
Hello Roy I`m the banjo player ,we met ar Myrtle Beach Fest. the year the lady died on the third row at the show .I need a set of d turners for a 250 Gibson banjo.Please e-mail me back Thanks .Keep on picken Roy Bells of stMary !!
Just stopped by! Needed a Little Roy and Lizzy fix this morning. Sending best wishes for a very Happy New Year!
hope to see you all in staunton va this spring at robert e lee high school like last year. that was awesome. i had a great time your friend. barbara from crimora va
I forgot to mention that I have been listening to the Lewis Family for over 30 yrs. and I think they are the best. I just witnessed the new Little Roy and Lizzy show for the first time and Lizzy just melts me with her fiddle playing. I am a fiddle player also and I think Lizzy is the best.
I am the Breazeale's Grocery Bluegrass guy. My new name is Don Breazeale for Little Roy.
The Outland family from Toledo Oh. loves Lil Roy and Lizzie, Man they make me smile!!!!!
Lil Roy knows me from working for Talmadge.
Great Show at Pickens High School Sunday.
We saw you at the Hickory Grove Louisiana festival in oct and enjoyed your show so much! And guess what I see you're coming back next oct, GOD willing. Want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And maybe we can even see that Roy has a good helping of shrimp etoufe or chicken and sausage gumbo (with roux of course)to eat. He'll remember talking to my wife and I about roux I think.
Hate we missed seeing y'all at the SEBA Christmas party. We stopped by for a minute on the way home from Tennessee but had to leave before the show. I know The Little Roy and Lizzy Show was a special treat for the SEBA members and a performance to remember...as always. Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas to each of you. See You Soon
I was in Calhoun for the annual SEBA meeting. It was my first time to hear you and I was blown away. A fantastic show and I was delighted to see the Hoyles.
Im an old college buddy of Doug,and I recall what an amazing mandalin player he was in the early 80's. I live in Ellijay and am really fond of our mayor Al Hoyle,Iam pleased to see these fine musicians playing with such a great legandary group of good Ol' folks. Good luck touring,and we hope to catch one of your giggs next year...Eric strauss
little roy sorry to hear about mom and pops lewis dieing have been out of touch awhile.but still love the lewis family have some of your lp's that got while you were on TV in augusta .well god bless and keep playin
My husband and I attended our first Little Roy and Lizzy Show last evening at Clear Spring, MD, and now we are "hooked". Great show! Great talent! Group very doown-to-earth and personable! We look forward to the show coming to our area again. (I'm now 68, but my grandmother used to rock me and sing her favorite song Precious Memories. When the group sang that song, it touoched my heartstrings again. How can I find out what songs are on the CDs? Is Precious Memories on any of them? My best to the group in its endeavors and success.
We really enjoyed your show last evening at the Clayton Center. It was just great. Little Roy, after seeing the Lewis Family for many years, we are so happy that you are continuing to share your talent and bringing Lizzy to us. Not only is she talented, she is beautiful and very friendly. Thanks for a great night of entertainment!
Really enjoyed your music at Dr. Ken's Thomaston Pickin Party. You guys rock!! Incredible talent and a great show. Hope you can come back next year.
Really enjoyed your show at Mossy Oaks. This was the first time I had ever seen your show. I was very impressed at the talent. wonderful music that you folks make. So proud of Lizzy, young lady that she is staying so focused on her learning ablitlies with her music, God bless her and take her far. I see her up there with the best. Trisha.
Hello, Just saw your show in Plaque-Ah (Palatka). Knowing you were on the schedule was one of the reasons I went to this festival. Your performance left me in high spirits. Hope you include "Are you from Dixie" on the next CD.
Great to see all the dates you have booked. You're on a roll again !! See you at Windgap and Catskill in 2011. As always I'll tell you where to put the bus/van!!! The best to all of you. Skip
Little Roy and Lizzy, Just a line or two to say thank you so much for coming once again to Kitty Hawk on the NC Outer Banks. What another GREAT SHOW!! I have followed the Lewis Family for more years than I can remember, we miss all the old family members, however you and Lizzy have formed a great team, love all your CD's. Keep up the great work. PS / Roy, I will always remember the time I saw you when Jerry Lee landed the in the cornfield, HA!! Regards, Wheeler Johnson
A BIG THANK YOU for performing at the 14th Annual Humphrey Street block party in Lincolnton, GA. Its always an awesome night and we are proud of our Home Town heroes!! Thanks Little Roy and Lizzy!
I can't tell what a treat it was to meet you this past week end at the Best Western in Hillsville VA. I can assure you I will be at your Show in Kitty Hawk NC. You made our Army Reunion one we won't forget Thank you for being so gracious.
YOU ARE A FANTASTIC GROUP! Thank you for the show Fri evening in Ohio! When a neighbor invited me to go I never dreamed I would see such a great show! Now Bluegrass is my favorite music and YOU are my new favorite group! Thank YOU! -Sally
Nancy and I again enjoyed your show. Just drove 200 miles one way this time. Great venue--our kind of people. We missed seeing Doug but the new guy was real good. We never cease being amazed at the talent of some young pickers. We liked his singing,too.
i saw your show at pickin in the park in canton nc on labor day .i just want to say thank you for such a great show . you and your band turned me into a bluegrass freak , omg i love your music .best i ever heard .thanks for such a great day out with my family .robert l mason
Roy, Lizzie and Band, I really enjoyed seeing you all perform at Rudy's this past weekend. It was a great show. I didn't see you all booked for next year and I will be greatly dissapointed if you all are not at the show in 2011.
Great to see you at Rudy's. We love that "Lil Roy and Lizzy Show"
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for playing at the Raccoon Creek Bluegrass Festival. What a treat!At 51 my husband and myself can't remember smilin, tapping our feet or enjoyin the music, playin, singin and show more. I'll be tellin my parents in Palatka to BE SURE to come to your show. God Bless, Freda
Great show in Canton,NC on Labor Day. Very entertaining. Great CD that I bought!
I enjoyed your concert on Sunday, Sept. 5 at Family Worship Center. You did a great job and I'm glad that my wife and attended. We are members of Family Worship Center. Can't wait til you all come back. Thanks for being down to earth people.
Little Roy, its been a while since we've got to play some music on the same stage. But that will come to light in October, at Spring Creek Bluegrass festival. See ya then, Timmy Fischer (The Saltgrass Band) www.thesaltgrassband.com
I just caught your show for the first time at the North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival in Marion, NC last weekend. I was pleasantly thrilled! Also, we loved the performance of Little Roy's grandchildren. It was a great show!
I saw you for the first time in Marion, NC this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed your show and look forward to seeing you again sometime.
Hey Lizzie, Great stuff, I guess we are cousins, except I am a Connecticut Yankee. I may have to take a road trip with some friends to check you guys out. I guess music runs in the family, i sing some times with friends from Ireland...we do ballads. Hope all is well. All the Best!
Love the new pictures of the group. Want to go on that Cruse with you'll!!
Little Roy, I miss seeing you. I have been following you and The Lewis Family for past 30+ years whenever you came to Delaware. At your last performance at Sam Yoder's Farm in Houste, Delaware - you said you would still "be around". In looking at your calender, the "closest" place I can find you (and Lizzy) is Lansdale, Pa on September 5th, which is 150 miles from where I live. Will you ever be coming back to Delaware. I know we are a "small" State, but we (in Delaware) do love you, but looks like we are "too small" for you to come any more. I have written you before, but go no response. I wish you and Lizzy great Success (and pray for you) wherever you travel. Just wish you wouldn't have "deserted" little old Delaware. Would love to hear from you. God bless you and Lizzy and all your family. Please tell them that I miss seeing them. Also, do you know Lewis' (Janice's Son's) e-mail address or website. Thanks again. Mike
My son Austin is 10 years old and loves your music. He has started playing the fiddle and wants to know the lyrics to two of his favorite songs that you sing. The songs are: "Everyday Will Be Sunday" and "Didn't It Rain". Could you please send him the lyrics or at least tell us where we could find them. Thanks, Michelle Marley
I heard the song, "James White" and was wondering what CD it is on and how I can get it. Thanks, Jerry Burns
I really like your type of music and songs. You all sound great.
It was great to see you at the LHS 50th reunion. We will see you on the road sometime this summer. Don & Stella
I would like attend the shade Gap Pa show- how do i get ticket?
Lizzy and Little Roy looking forward to picking with you all at Shade Gap here in PA. Maybe we can do a twin banjo song or two for the people. See ya soon. www.remingtonryde.com
Congratulations to Roy and Lizzys' show and with great support from their talented musicians Saturday evening@ Mineral Bluegrass festival as they together separated themselves clearly from the other field of performers with an incredible show.I know what I heard and experienced in this set to sent a clear message to Bluegrass lovers, IBMA powers to be that this band brings traditional live Bluegrass music to the listener as it should be.I want to congradulate the band now for the future recognition and awards it will receive in this bands future.It's so well deserved due to the fact that all members of this group also are very approachable and friendly to their fans.
I for got to name the place I worked. It is the Mountain View Youth Development Center in Dandridge, TN.
I met you at the Cousin jake Bluegrass Festival in Etowah. I certainly enjoyed your sh0w with Earl and Little Roy. I work for the state at a Youth Development Center. I do not know if you do what I am going to ask, but if you are ever in the area, I would like for you to give a short concert for our students. Our students have committed three felonies to be with us. If you can do this, I would appreciate it; and, if you cannot, you still have a devotred fan. I love Sit Down and Cry. Have a great day. David Bugg
hope to bring some ice cream next time i see ya; thanks for the great times . see ya soon.
Looking forward to seeing you in Westcliffe, Colorado this weekend! Charlie & I have a message for you, Lizzy from Ty Herndon. Saw him in Laughlin, Nv over the 4th. Charlie will wear Ty's hat...Great to meet you! Love When we Fly! Judy
had a great time at you concert in Magnolia, Ar.
will earl scruggs be with yall at marion nc in august. liked your show in cashiers nc. july 3
i was able to hear the group at foggy hollow in alabama. i think you people are one of the best groups performing today..looking for the day when i can hear and see you again. don
Just enjoyed your show at the Blistered Fingers Festival in Litchvill Me.The Show was great filled with great musicianship and humor.Keep it coming.See you again soon I hope...Ken
Maine was truly blessed to have you perform in Litchfield! I come from Bluegrass roots, but have never been so entertained! It's hard to believe that you can pack that much talent into a 45 minute show!
Hey Little Roy. I love listening to you and the Lewis Family on the Greg Harden Show here in Thomson. this part of Georgia has a lot of respect for you and the family. Also i am good friends with Dennis Robinson. keep up the great work!!
Thanks for the Music and the friendship!
Little Roy, what time do you think you all will arrive in Magnolia, July 6?? I would like to treat you all to a meal in Magnolia before the show, if you think you all will get here in time. Please let me know!!! Your old friend, Betty Faye P.S. If this is possible, how many will be involved???
sorry but frankie wrote oh so many years,my error. did you record this or as long as i live? frankie wrote oh so many years,recorded by lots including everley brothers.walters most famous were dust on the bible and i want to be loved but only by you. i have a radio program now,played preacher and the bear,by little roy....
thanks for including the frankie bailes song as long as i live,I traveled with walter bailes,frankie and him were good writers. you should consider these are all mine,and i get mighty close to heaven in these hills. looking forward to seeing you in mineral,va.
Great job this weekend at the Banjo BBQ....ya'll really sounded terrific. It was the first time my wife and a friend of ours had seen ya'll perform and they were singing your praises....again great job......
What a great sound ya'll have got. I really love to hear Rebecca and Lizzy sing Wildflowers....I've watched the video 5 or 6 times today, simply wonderful!!! There are no other words to say. It takes me back home to Madison County on a Friday night and the music that I grew up hearing and playing. I think my grandparents own almost every Lewis Family record ever made... Thank ya'll for the music and each and every mile that I have spent listening to the sounds of folks that love making beautiful music come alive. No matter how far I go, it always takes me right back home. Keep up the good work and God be with ya'll out there on the road. ~Jason NC
Lil'Roy, Been trying to get up with you. Talmadge is a lifelong friend and I was trying to see if you ha any last minute dates near home, Please call me 478-268-2429
I love you guys. I will see you at Summersville Music Park in WV the 26th. Lizzy, you have a beautiful voice and I love the banjo playing.
little roy can really jump and lizzy can really sing
Hi,Looking foreward to seeing you'all at Hanover,Oh on Friday nite. Hey Roy,I still need a good banjo capo.
It was such a pleasure to watch all of you perform this weekend in Hot Springs, Ar. Thank you for such a delightful day!
Saw yall in Hoboken, Ga and loved the show. Looking forward to seeing you in Coredele on the 28th.
I like your music
Lizzy and Little Roy Ihad a wounderfull time in Amelia va. this past weekend , It was great to see and hear you again you guys had a great show as allways!! Lizzy hope all is well, keep your chin up girl things will become better as time goes on . our prayers are with you , and if you need any thing and I can help just asked !! Love you guys see you in Mineral va. Ken of NC
The Lewis Family came in loud and clear at WJBF TV every Sunday morning in Augusta GA while I lived in Sandersville, GA as a youngster. The show was in living black and white and was live. Dad Lewis only got better looking with age. I only have fond memories of this family. Little Roy was really little at that time, but could play the banjo like a grown up.
Seen you guys on Virginia Dream Center and fell in love with your music.I'm speechless awesome,awesome,awesome.Hope you come back to Harrisonburg VA.YOUR NEXT FAN Jeffery.
Wow - great show at Bluegrass on the River in Conway, SC on May 8th! Picked up your 2010 calendar, and making plans to attend Rudy's Bluegrass in the Woods in Anderson, SC on Sept. 11th! Too far to travel to Maine and Colorado to see you - you guys get around!
It's a good thing ya'll are coming to Texas in October, I didn't want to have to sit down on the back porch and cry! :)
Hey Lizzy and Roy! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed you guys on friday aT the Tripple Creek Festival. Thanks for letting me hang out with ya'll. Now I can't wait till the 13th I planning on being there three days and do some camping. Lizzy I have found you a red canopy pop up, just need to have your names put on it , I'll bring it when I come to the Amelia va see you soon ! Ken
You guys sound great! Remember the first time I saw Lizzy. Little Roy introducing her at Mr. B's in Virginia. Knew then she would be quite successful. Thanks Roy to you and your family for many enjoyable years of music. 1
little roy your family is the best ever thuink you made it happen keep good job up
Hey Little Roy, I'm glad that you are still keepin on keepin on! Sorry to hear of the Lewis Family not playing together. I will miss seeing you all. I look forward to seeing you an Lizzy when you are in the area. Fondly Barbara
Beautiful voice. Have known, Polly and Janice for several years and my twin friends and I have visited your gigs. Enjoyed the Lewis Family so very much through the years.
I have enjoyed the Lewis Family for years. Glad you are still going on. Hope to see you when you are in my area. I see you are going to be in Waldo, Fla this year....my husband was raised in Waldo!
hello to little roy from bob from the ole sherrif country lancaster,pa.
Little Roy, your records-Lewis Family, and the cassettes have been a part of our collection many years. Thanks.
Always love you music .Have a beautiful day. GOD bless you always .Buck
I grew up with the Lewis Family as I'm sure you hear so many people say. But I have to be one of the very first because I was at Level Land at the old school house. So see, I go way back with you. My brother Cecil Bratcher had the biggest crush on Janis. So glad to hear part of you are continuing on. It would be such a waste of talent and love to let it all end. Please keep me informed of everyone's health, show dates, etc. I will continue to follow you. I see you every year at Rudy's Bluegrass in the Woods (and yes, I was there when you got the bus stuck)! I love every one of y'all and wish only the very best. Y'all are such an inspiration to me. And to be able to say I grew up with you. Adelle
I see you all in WinGab PA June 2010. Great Music.
Don't know if you remember me, but I am Pacer's mom. He and the kids are here this week visiting and he said you all are going to be in Pocahontas, AR in May. That is only a little over an hour from us here in Newark. Hopefully we will be able to come see you there. I think of you often and remember how sweet and kind you were to my mom before she passed, by sending her your cd and dvd. She really loved hearing you all play and sing. Thanks again for your thoughtfullness and kindness.
Man what a pair you two are! Roy & Lizzy you are doing great,i cant waite to see you A Summersville wv in june,just keep up doing what you do best(Yea Moma,yea gal )
I so enjoyed seeing yall at Bluegrass Under The Stars - amazing!!!
Hey Little Roy and Lizzie! Sorry I missed your show in Mims, Florida on 3/26/2010! Hoping to see you at the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch April 18th! Your friend, John
Congratulations on your recent nominations! Love ya, Jimmy Phillips
Little Roy, I really miss you not coming to Delaware. When you came to Sam Yoder's Farm, I have been coming to see "The Lewis Family" every year. My cousin and I talked to you about your Guitars, Harp, etc. After 60 years of traveling, I know it took a toll on you (and the Lewis Family). When I asked you if you would ever be coming back to Delaware, you said you would still "be around". In looking at your schedule for 2010, I don't see "Little Old Delaware" anywher on your schedule. Do you ever have plans to come back to Delaware, or within a 50 to 100 mile radius of Sam Yoders? Miss you, and anxious to meet Lizzy. Would like to hear from you if you get time. Sincerely, Mike Melson
Hey Little Roy,How are you and Bonnie doing?We are all doing good.Miss you all.The Lewis Family where like a part of our family for years daddy and mama loved you all a lot.Then my girls came along and we hooked them on you all too.How is Polly Janis and Meggie doing? I read on the web site that Janis and Lewis are singing again some.I thought maybe out our way sometime but I can't fine anything with their dates on them.So maybe if you talked to them you could have Janie call me at daddy's number Earl should still have it.We are going to try to catch you and Lizzy at Oak Grove,La. in Oct.Give our love to Bonnie and the rest of the family,Patricia Hoyt's daughter
Little Roy, enjoyed your show at Hazel Kinder's Lighthouse Theater on Saturday evening. First time we had seen the LIttle Roy and Lizzy show. Will see you at the Brumley Sing. God bless.
I am glad that you are on the road again Little Roy! I have many fond memories of the Lewis Family through the years.Ya'll need to get booked at Bass Mountain soon.Great work Lizzie!
Thank You Little Roy for the years with the Lewis Family! My Mom and Dad, Paul & Lurene Carpenter always made a point to take my brother and I to shows all around the midwest or in our hometown of Linton Indiana, The memories I cherish of you and your family being so friendly to my parents are almost as precious as the picture I have of you with your signature and the phrase " Keep on Pickin' " written to me. You bet I'll keep on pickin' my 5 string for the Lord... Maybe you'll see me pull up in my silver and blue Eagle someday! Daddy passed away 3yrs ago, I'll try to bring Mom over to Beam Blossum this year... God Bless You! Keep on Keepin on!
Happy Birthday Little Roy! My family and I hope that you will come and visit in Ontario, Canada soon!
We enjoyed your recent show at The Rudy Theatre in Selma, NC. We miss the Lewis Family which we enjoyed for 30+ year. We are so happy that you are continuing to entertain and bring joy to others, Little Roy. Your group is very good. We loved Lizzy....she has the whole package....talent, personality, and a beautiful lady. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
thanks for that new banjo that i bought from frank neat , ive been playing it and it is a jewel , i miss seeing you all , you where all great friends , my health has been failing but i still can play the banjo and build guitars . bob forrester
I first saw the Lewis Family in El Reno Okla in about 1965 at a church. There wasn't a big croud there but the Lewis Family didn't act like they noticed. They put on a very fine show for us and since then I've traveled many miles, lots of times for their shows. Always good too. One time we traveled form Okla City to a little town about a 100 miles north of West Memphis to a Rock Festival (not knowing what it was we were going to, except the Lewis Family was there and that was good enough for us) Well they had a big rain the day we got there and we walked about 1/2 mile thru mud, slush and passed out hippies along the way. I guess it was on a mountain, or something cause some of the spectators were real high on something. ha, ha, Everything went well and again they put on a great show. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon, maybe at the Brumley Festival in May
I enjoyed the Lewis FAmily several times at Northwest School, Rural Hall, N.C. I hated to hear that the family has retired. Tommy
Just saw the show at the Pasco County Fl. Fair and really enjoyed it. Already looking at your calender for future shows. Thanks .
Looking forward to seeing you later this year. I am so sorry about Polly's and Miggie's health issues. I am happy that Little Roy is continuing with his music. He and Lizzie perform very well together. We look forward to hearing alot more of their music.
We really enjoyed your show at the Barn in Andersonville tonight. You have a great group. Looking forward to see you more in the future.
Great show at The Barn,Andersonville,Ga. Saturday nite !! Like you're new group,lots of luck in the future. Looking foreward to seeing a lot of you in Ga. and in Ohio in the summer. Rex & Bessie Hackley P.O.Box 51622 Albany,GA 31703
Saw you at the Dove Brothers Homecoming Sat. (2/6/10 ) you were great.
I enjoyed the entertainment Saturday Night in Elizabethtown,NC!
Hey Lizzy and Little Roy, Although it's a long time comin' we are so excited to know you're coming back to Clarendon in April 2011. If you guys ever get a gig close to us before then please let us know. We all love you so much! Elizabeth
Hello Lizzy and Little Roy, just wanted to say I cant wait to see you guys this saturday at the Bladen county middle school in Elizabethtown nc . That is if your still gona be there after our big snow we had here if so I will see you there! Ken
Prayers are with you and the entire family as you make the transition into new careers and opportunities. Carol and I look forward to seeing you (if not before) at Bean Blossom. Your friend in Delaware.
Little Roy and Lizzy, We hope you are both well. I've just been looking at your calendar and listening to your music. It is real good! This is just to remind you who I am -- I'm the guy who helped with your equipment loading after your last set at the SC Bluegrass Festival in Myrtle Beach, Nov 2008. Thanks, again Little Roy for your generosity in personally introducing me to Earl at the 2009 Lewis Family Homecoming. It was a real thrill to "pick and play" with Earl, you, and Lizzy. I watched the Family several years on WJBF when living in N. Augusta, SC in the mid-late 60's. Just curious - is Little Roy considering anything such as a "gathering" or " 'pickin' & grinnin' " in Lincolnton anytime? I see your calendar is very full and I am thrilled for you. We plan to see again at a show soon. If you are in the Rock Hill, SC area (just south of Charlotte) any time, please feel welcome to call and come by. We'' ll fix a meal for you if you'd like! Our Regards are sent with Best Wishes for your continued successs! Tom and Janice Suggs 1958 Hall Spencer Rd. Edgemoor, SC 29712 803-329-8165
Lizzy, I need someone play along with. Thanks, Stanley Wallace Bowman, Ga.
Love your new sound.
We will be coming to your concert tomorrow night at The Capitol Theatre. Looking forward to this wotj great anticipation. We love bluegrass and gospel music.
Hi ya'll. Roy here, I live in Oakland CA but originally I'm from Charlottesville VA. I have loved and cherished the Lewis Family over the years and now I am very excited to see the Little Roy & Lizzy show this year. I'll try to catch you in Mineral VA. lotsa love
Great show in Jekyll Island ga.
Hey my wife & i have bin going to your concerts in lancaster for many yrs till we moved to co. So ws just look at music on the web& found you guys.. & you are coming to westcliff co. so so excited to see that, will try to be there..And thanks for including the west in your travels.. May God bless you as you sing & travel.. Conrad
Ya'll were awesome at Jekyll. Thank you for continuing to bring your gifts of talent to us to enjoy so we can forget about our daily routine. We send much love to Rebecca, Lizzy and the entire Lewis Family. This family is the group that brought Dave and me to bluegrass in January of 2002 at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park. We salute you for keeping the family together for as long as you did; well done, sir! These issues are never easy, nor cut and dried. As you know your fans have adopted each of you as their own family and are concerned about you; therefore, we appreciate your interaction with us at the CD/DVD table. We can listen to you anytime on our CD's and watch the viedos of you, but we come to the festivasl to buy new CD's and DVD's and to say hello, how are you? Bonnie was lovely in handling the table for the group. Calm and collected, although we were coming at her like a drove of bees! Our very best as always to you and Lizzy. One last thing, thank you for incjuding the old songs of the Lewis Family. Sure would have liked to have heard, "Which Came First", "One Rose", and Angles Gathering Flowers". My favorites. My thoughts are that you are teaching your new band the old songs and it takes time. We'll wait! : ) Please bring more viedos of the Lewis Family, I don't have enough of them and like to watch them when we are in RV parks that don't have cable TV. Happy New Year and I'll catch Lizzy on fb.
Little Roy has more energy and talent then you can beleive. Thanks Roy. And keep it go'in. When you get in the Oxford, Pa area I'll look for ya. I'll see you at Mineral Va in July. Lizzy, I only hope you can keep up! Les
I lived in Lincoln county until I was 12. My Daddy moved to Jones County and that is where I live now. Been following you for a long time. First saw you at Lincon County High School many years ago. Always enjoyed your music. I am eighty one now and I am glad to see you keep the Lewis Family alive.
Lizzie you probably don't remember me but I just wanted to say how proud I am of you. I saw Ty Herndon last Friday for A Make a Wish charity and he mentioned your nameI'm also very proud of Rebecca and hope everyone is doing well. God Speed.
Greetings! Just wanted to say I enjoyed last sayurday evening at Sandy Ridge concert . Lizzy you and Little Roy have a special bond that makes your music great I enjoyed listening to your music at home and on the road when I travel . I also love your cds of when you first started playing and singing. I am new fan of the bluegrass music ,I started listening to bluegrass at the first of the year 2009. Thats when I met Rhonda Vincent and the Rage in north carolina and have been to several of there concerts around the area. Now I have met you and Little Roy and am a Big Fan of your music also. Caint wait to see you guys again when you come through north carolina again. Merry Christmas and a Great New Year 2010 Ken
Really miss seeing you. Looking at your calendar, doesn't look you are going to be coming anywhere near Delaware even next year. I always went to see you at Sam Yoders in Houston, Delaware. You said you would still be "around", but don't see anwhere close to me. Please try to come back to Sam Yoders if at all possible. Thanks. From a True Fan who has been following you for YEARS. You may not remember, but it was I and my Cousin that asked you so many questions about the Guitars you played, and you played your Har for us and lots of Songs (after the concert) outside the campers, with Mosquitos Biting you. Really am going to miss you. And Lizzy sounds Great. Will try to look for your new CD's and hopefully some DVD's. You are really going to be missed in this area. May God bless you (and Lizzy) as you venture forward and keep you Safe while traveling. Will be praying for you. Mike
Hi Roy & Lizzy, Roy, we met last night at the shop where I work. Yall were picking up Ricky. He is a good friend of mine. I want you to know it was such a thrill for me to meet you. I have been to several of the shows before you joined the band, cant wait to see the next one with you playing. Yall have fun, thanks for stopping by & coming in to shake my hand & talk. Was a pleasure! Dwayne
I had the pleasure of hearing Little Roy, Lizzy, Ricky, Lisa and Doug in Myrtle Beach last weekend. Wow - what a show!! This is an act you do not want to miss. Keep up the good work! I look forward to catching many, many more shows. Joye
Just wanted to let yall know I really enjoyed listening to you at myrtl beach this pass saturday at the festival Its my first time going to that festival, you guys were great good music and your dad was awsome in the music again A Great Show Ken
Woody talked with me about giving you a call and setting something up in the Greencastle in January.
Saw you for the first in Myrtle Beach on Saturday. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing you again.
We truly enjoy your music, your shows, and your friendship!
great seeing you at the schoolhouse on thanksgiving. Lizzy, if you want to talk some about that brain thing just let me know and I'll get you my contact number. Little Roy, thanks for the picture.
I love what you are doing. I am part of the Kiokee Baptist church men's group who sponsor the appling opry which Little roy came to one saturday. We love ya'll's music. I worked with one of Lizzys' kin,Linda Rader at Kimberly Clark. Good luck on your new joint venture and I wish you great success.
The best thing about this year's 2009 Elberton GA show; my friend Carol "found" ya'll for the first time. Thank you Little Roy and Lizzy and Friends for smiles and laughter......... BAM! Oh yah, the music is true beauty. Remember the truck and canoe in the rain @ Elbert Theatre.
Hey man, if you are free Saturday afternoon, we sure would love for you to join us at the Appling Opry. Hope to see you! Evan Brassell
Really looking forward to the next 2 shows in Georgia! Conyers and Elberton! Can't wait to see my wife, Lisa, on stage with such great pickers as well as just fantastic people!
Billboard magazine two time award winning producer, Tom Phillips in need of Lewis family bluegrass gospel for new 1 hr. weekly Prime-time tv show from Dalton, GA. Service being provided by Aristo Media & Rounder Records. Both ask that I write my request to you. My format: Mini DV or DVD. (I have just received the Easter family through Daywind records.) All product will be returned in 2 wks. My address: Back Porch Studio TV,1301 Winton DR.,Dalton, GA. 30720. Phone: (706) 529-9397. Blessings Always: Tom & Rich Phillips Back Porch Production
We hope to see you soon.
Roy,i enjoyed the jam session in nashville on friday night at the IBMA convention with you and Lizzy.Thanks for the insight on the 60 gauge ghs strings. They really give a bassy bluegrass sound. Thanks again,Bob Bragdon
I'm sure gonna miss th' Lewis Family, but I'm really lookin' forward to seein' y'all on-stage. Do ya have any plans to make it to North Texas, anytime soon?
Little Roy, I have been following the Lewis Family for many, many years. I have All your CD's and most of your DVD's (and some on VHS Tapes).Play them all the time, at home and while driving. I saw your last performance in Houston, Delaware as "The Lewis Family", and sorry to see them retire. You may not remember, but my cousin and I were asking you about the Guitars you play and your Harp. You also played several songs (after the show) sitting outside in camping area, with Mosquitos Biting. This is first time I went to your new Website with You and Lizzy. I really enyoyed the song that stared playing. I didn't catch the song name, but assume it to be: "Down By The River" (I'm guessing). But in either case, You and Lizzy really Sound Great together. I look forward to exploring your website when I get more time, and look forward to you coming back to "Little Old" DELAWARE (small state), or somewhere close, maybe in Northern Delaware or maybe Salisbury, Maryland area so I can come to see You and Lizzy. Keep up the Great Work, and Best of Luck in your New Adventure, and may God Bless you and take care of you as you travel. Mike Melson
Great website. 5 window 32 will be on the road next 2010 again.
Hi Roy and Liz, Liz I played your banjo with Earl and you Frank had the banjo for show at banjo camp. Great Sounding banjo...Little Roy I miss you guy and I will get back in seeing you..My new job has kept me hopping. My old banjo is still ringing out.....See ya soon...if you get a chance email me...Kelly
Hey see you all Saturday night. Enjoy Parkers if you all go Friday I went today and boy was it good.x
Roy and Lizzy,i am proud to have the chance to sighn your guest book,Roy and i and the Lewis Family go way back,and never have i met a family so dear to me as you all wwere and still am,and i am so glad you & Lizzy are keeping it going and doing such a fine job,and i cant waite for the day when you play live on my radio show in Bluefield,West Virginia J&J Bluegrass Classics. Thanks and mey God Bless. Jr.
Looking forward to this.... "The Lewis Family Comes Home for the Final Homecoming" with Jeff & Sheri Easter Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 6 PM The Lewis Family Pavilion in Lincolnton, GA WJBF, Channel 6 in Augusta, GA will be taping The Lewis Family's 55th Annual Christmas Show. Bring a lawn chair and dress for an outdoor concert. Children 12 and under are free. Come join us - $10 donation per person For more information, http://jeffandsherieaster.com
roy glad to see you are still playing.I grew up at de la howe listing and seeing you on tv out of Augusta.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
I am proud of you Lizzy. Keep up the good work.
So glad to see you're coming back to Milan MI next August.
I bet Little Roy was impressed as we were with Jerry Run Theater, a tremendous achievement and huge faith by the Andersons. It reminds me of "build it and they'll come." Lizzy, you've been there before and I bet you told Little Roy he would be. The theater was at its 180 capacity and Renee had to turn people away. She turned us away by email but thanks to Lizzy we were able to get in. I sent her and Dusty a thank you note. Nancy and I capped off the weekend by staying at the Park in a tiny cabin, eating a great,cheap lunch at the Park restaurant, and going to the Wildife Center near Rock Cave. We'll see you all at Penny Royal Theatre
Saw you guys at Jerry Run Summer Theater on Sat. 10/10/08. What a great show! I grew up in sight of the theater there with my cousin Dusty and enjoy going back to see shows there as often as we can. My daughter Heather (Jordon) McNemar has performed there several times and the atmosphere Dusty has created there is so refreshing. Jerry Run is a great venue and we hope to see you guys there again next season.
i enjoyed your show in lincoln in may wish yall would consider doing another again thanksfrom local fan
Congratulations Lizzy!! We are not surprised, even a little bit!! We knew you would do it. See you in Fairview in three weeks.
I remember the first time I saw The Lewis Family 47 years ago at Park Center in Charlotte, NC. I became a fan then, and I am so delighted that Roy has decided to continue his career with Lizzy. You sound wonderful together, and carry on the tradition just fine! I look forward to seeing you in the near future up here in NC. Roy, how do I ever thank you and the rest of the family for the laughter and love that you brought to my life? Words can't begin to express.
Hello again, Roy & Lizzy; The year was of course last year 2008.... Wow, time flyes fast! Sorry- my mistake. /Bo
Dear Little Roy and Lizzy Long; Bluegrass music is my life and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to see you in person 2009. People like you make this place on earth a better and more fun! God bless you and your music! Regards from, that Swede that visited you 2009, Bo :-)))
May the Lord bless you as you continue the tradition.
I would just like to let little Roy knows that he always puts a smile on my face.. Although I have never got to see you in person I truly love to watch you play banjo and entertain with the love of God in your heart.... I do hope to see you guys soon.. Linda Cathcart Brewer
Glad that you are back!! Your website needs a LOT of work!
Best of luck with the new venture. We'll see ya out there.
Hey Roy & Lizzy i cant waite to get the cd's from you and i think you all are going to bust the Bluegrass music world wide open,and Roy you know i will be burning the air ways up with your music,so take care and keep it rolling. Jr.
Hi little Roy,I was one of 1422 guitar pickers up here in Elberton, Ga.one night over at Aubrey B.s house. He is my brother. Idont go round telling that too much.I realy had a good time. It was a great pleasure. Richard
Hello! from Arkansas!Our websites are cdbaby.com and facebook for Bobby Bird and Union Kun-Tree.
My Grandma Anna Mae (Lewis) Emory I think is related to you. Wow can I see and hear the family likeness.I sing and have sung in many competitions as a teen. I know what a gift and blessing we have been given. It's all so natural!! Keep it up with a passion and may God richley bless you and your family!! My dad (Anna Mae's son) Leonard just turned 81. Life is a gift worth the living!!! You have my prayers!!! I'm glad I have found you!!! I'm still not sure just exactly how we're related, would love to know. Would love to know if you will be coming to the Seattle area. Thanks!!! Cheryl
Roy, Totally enjoyed seeing you and the Lewis Family again! Thanks for being such good friends. Ray Cross p. s. Hope yo all like the leather praying hands.
a big thank you for bringing me on stage last night in md. sorry i had to leave in a hurry i had to pick up my son from work in va. also thanks for the capo. hope to catch your new group soon,maybe get to perform with you again. again thanks little roy and god bless you and yours. one arm guitarist kenny johnson
Little Roy, Thank you so much for the phone call on August 31st. We are the friends of your cousin H.C. Am so happy that you and Lizzy will be touring. From what I just saw on you-tube, ya'll are great and will make it big. Hope to see you in Columbia Mississippi in March. Thanks again for the call. Vicki Pounds Mobile, Alabama
hey little roy sorry to here the lewis famly is retireing i seen you play a long time ago back in 1983 at the conowingo campgrounds in conowingo maryland i used to live there thats when the whole famly was aruond all so a good bluegrass player came from there james king me and him are good friends well take care roger minor
It was great seeing you little roy at spartanburg south carolina 05/27/09 at kangroo truck stop good luck with the band God bless you and everyone..
Lizzy -- See you and Little Roy at Mr. B's Bluegrass in Ladysmith, VA this Friday 8/28/09 !!
Good luck in your work and have fun. Hope to see you when you get to Elberton,Ga. This is Katrina Callaghan mom
Looking forward to a lot of good music from the two of you!
We have seen you and your family for years and going to see more of you in the coming years. SEE YOU AT MOSSY OAKS !!!
Mr. Little Roy, We have been a fan for a while,,, My wife and I have a bluegrass gospel group here in Elverson, PA. which is near Reading. Our CD "Walk Behind Jesus" is our first project. We have playing a gospel Bluegrass service at Our Church for almost 2 years now. We were in the June issue of "The Lutheran Magazine". My question is , we want to branch out since our church can no longer afford to pay us for our music ministry. Its just too much work every week to prepare a different program, to practice, set up equipment and do that every week. We also would like your opinion as to the quality of our CD. I understand if you get more of these types of messages that you can respond to, but like my mom used to say, you dont know if you dont ask. Our web site is: sweetwaterbluegrassonline.com. I would also like to send you a copy if you would like. Thanks for your time and I'm glad to see the Lord still has a place for you to continue prasing him Sinderely, Howard & Ramona
Hi cant wait to see you guys real soon ! enjoyed talkn and pickn with little Roy in ellenbourgh NC . Hope to see you guys in Barnerdsville .
I have watched you and your family from back in the days of Steve Mandson on Channel 6and have attended many of the festivals at Ellija Clark Statepark. Also saw you and Lizzie at the Imperial. Wish both of you the best. Love the music.
An edited interview with Little Roy and Lizzy at the AFBA BG Festival, Wind Gap, PA is on YouTube. Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIo41FDz0A0
Little Roy and Bonnie, Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of of loss.
Our prayers and love are sent to Little Roy and Bonnie during the death of Bonnie's father.
Hello Lizzy, Roy and Mr. Scruggs, I just wanted to pass along how much my wife, daughter and myself enjoyed your show on July 4th in Cashiers, North Carolina. Lizzy, your fiddle playing and singing is outstanding. I just don't know how you put up with Roy - he's a stitch. The last time we saw Mr. Scruggs was in Atlanta back in the mid seventies with Mr. Flatt and he hasn't missed a lick. Thanks for the autographed cd. Our eight year old knows everyword and is now a big bluegrass fan. Hope to see ya'll again soon. Good luck and God Bless, Rob
Lizzy, Enjoyed jammin' with you in Elkins, WV last Wednesday night! There was certainly a bunch of pickers. Take care, may God bless, and see you down the road!
Little Roy I cannot begin to tell you just how much I enjoy your music. My father was a big fan of yours and the Lewis Family. I didn't truley appreciate the pure joyful music until he passed away and I began to listen to your records.I plan to come and see you and Lizzy in Logan Ohio.Your music brings my father back to me every time I hear it and I thank you for that. Stacy..........
Love the new web site. Glad to see ya'll doing so well. Can't wait to see you; coming to FL anytime soon? Keep the strings hot!
I have know The Lewis Family for 40 years. I am so sorry to see them retire. But I know we all must do things sometimes that we had rather not do. I can hardly wait to see Little Roy and The Lizzy show. I am from Macclesfield N.C. They are going to be in Wilson in Sept. and I am looking forward to it.
Hey Lizzy!
We seen Lizzy for the first time at Racoon Creek this past weekend and loved every minute of it. Of course we have seen the Lewis Family several times at Hoofers gospel barn. But we sure did not know that Lizzy was Little Roy's daughter. She sure does play like him though. I sure know that he taught her well. We look forward to seeing them two together. What is going to happen to the grandson that played with the Lewis family some times at Hoofers? Debra & Sonny Auburn, AL
Saw the Lizzy Long Show on July 9, 2009 at Racoon Creek Bluegrass Festival, Little Roy could not be with them, but they were great. I am a cousin to the Rakestraws that own the park, in which Ricky plays in the group with Lizzy. They are wonderful. We espically love "Chicken Feed." Can't wait to see you all again soon.
I've known Little Roy for a little over 25 years. I met lizzy and fell in love with this young lady, what such talent. After hearing about the retirement of the great LEWIS FAMILY that has traveled for 60 years I was heart broke. They say that all things must come to an end, I don't think that's true. The only thing that would stop Little Roy is to called home to be with Mom,Pop and Wallace. I feel there's a few more years left in Little Roy. I can't wait to see what's instore for this group of talented musicians.
i have loved the Lewis Family and Little Roy for years. i use to see them in Blountstown, Fl every October at Buddy Smiths program for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranch. i was sad to hear they are retiring but i am glad Little Roy is continuing to play with Lizzy. i dont know much about Lizzy but i know if she is playing with Little Roy she must be very good. i would love to know where to buy the new album by them.
Little Roy & Lizzy; Lizzy, I saw you several times a few years ago when you made a few trips with the Lewis Family. Looking forward to seeing you & Little Roy together again. Mike Hoffman
Looking forward seeing you at Milan M.
Nice wed site! Good to see that you're still going at it Little Roy. Lizzy and you make a great duo! I hope the little banjer that I built for you is still going strong. I'm building one for Andreas David of Berlin, Germany. You can check out the building progress of it at www.banjomaker.net. My prayers to The Lewis Family. Hope to see you all again soon! God Bless! Marvin
I only got to see the fantastic Lewis Family once at Sam Yoder's in Delaware....it was the greatest show....what incredible talent! Little Roy had us crying with laughter....we truly were amazed at the whole group & hated to hear they were "breaking up." I now will look for Little Roy & Lizzy at a concert nearby....my love & prayers go to the whole Lewis/Easter family...they are so special & a true blessing. Thank you!
Great to find ya'll on the internet! Nanny had me looking to see hwat your date is for the Cashiers ,NC show....she's gonna be disappointed 'cause it's on the 4th!!! She and Lynn have family stuff then...But we will all see you at the Big Ivy date in August! Our prayers are with ya'll in this new endeavor and of course, Little Roy, you're family is always there!
We are soo!! glad to see that Little Roy has went on the road with you Lizzy. We will miss the Lewis Family but we are sure we will enjoy you all as much. First time we went to BG fest was in Eminence,Mo. several years ago and happened to get in the food line with you, Roy, and I don't need to say anymore. You are dynamite and will make a great show together. Hope to see you in St. Louis,M0. in March 2010. Safe travels and Good Luck. Missed the Homecoming this year but had been to the past several years in Lincolnton--GREAT TIME!!!! Love , the Sanders
Hi Lizzy and Little Roy, I was just reading the calendar and noticed that you are not at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta. You are usually there around the fall. Will you be appearing there at all? Maybe Charlie and I can catch ya'll in Swan. I still miss my former student Al McCall. How is he doing? Do you hear from him?
Heading out to Charlotte, MI tomorrow. I'm heartbroken that the family is retiring and won't be there this year. Will try to catch you guys at Milan and Fairview. I know you will be a big hit. I love you all. Please send my thoughts and prayers to the family!
Hate to hear the Lewis Family is giving it up, but so glad to hear about Little Roy and Lizzy. I'm sure that will be a great show. Little Roy, I wish you the best and please take care. Your friend, Johnny
Mary and myself realy enjoy ya'll everytime we get to see ya'll,keep it going!!!!!!
i truly loveb playing with you to at amelia,thanks for the awesome musicanshiph you both bring to the table.
We enjoyed having dinner with you and the family a few months back. Take Care and God Bless all of you.
I met you Roy the day of your Waynesboro concert - you were practicing in the garage at 184 Old White Bridge Rd. I look forward to seeing the Little Roy & Lizzy Show.
Little Roy and Lizzy ought to be a first class act! Haven't seen you guys since Summersville last June and am looking forward to catching your new act. God bless!
Best of luck to the two of you! Love, Jimmy
Hello: My name is Ronald Goshorn and I'am with the Shade Gap Area Fire Co. in Shade Gap, Pa. Just wanted to let you know that I was the one who booked the Lewis Family for the past 26 + years and would like a contact # etc. to book Little Roy @ Lizzy etc Thanks:Ron Goshorn (814)-259-3596
We'll see you in Dallas,Ga. In July.We'll play there July 10th and 11th. Will Roy be there with you this trip ? Anyway, look forward to seeing y'all again. Check out our website and sign please. www.eastdixieboys.webs.com
Hey Lizzy!!! I'm so proud of you! Keep it up! Colbi
Hey y'all. sounds great!
Glad to see y'all keeping it going! Love ya, Little Roy! You have to teach Abby to play that guitar with the celebrity autographs!
Hey, the new web site looks great. You guys will be terrific. Hope to see you soon.
Web site looks great. Little Roy thanks for keeping the Lewis Family sound of music going for fans to enjoy. The Lewis Family has had a long and successful career and I truly love each one of you. Little Roy and Lizzy I am satisfied that you will continue to reach millions of music fans all across this nation. I have always been one of your biggest fans and will continue to be. Good luck and safe travels. Walker T. Norman
hey, why didn't lizzy go with the Lewis Family any more? It seems like a good benefit cause she would be out there in more shows than she is now. just a thought.I know they're retiring anyways so maybe you can still have a chance. Besides I think lizzy and lewis would sound good together. Good Luck! JJ
Please add to you mailing list
Greetings from your costume lady. My goal in life is to make Little Roy look as crazy on stage as i can. Lizzy, bling will be the word for you,to WOW the crowd along with your awesome fiddlin. Tear up the Bluegrass world ya'll
Website looks and sounds great. Hope to see you again soon.
lizzy I am so glad to hear that you will pair up with little roy ! you two will continue the tradition and I pray for many blessings and wheelbarrow loads of success and fun ! God Bless you and keep you close . tom In Aiken s.c.
I was one of the luckiest people at SPGMA this year, our band was jamming in the lobby with some 18 year bass player from WV, a pretty young 17 year young lady playing the hound out of the fiddle, when all of a sudden another beautiful lady came in wearing out a fiddle on my left. About an hour or more later she said well I gotta, we begged her not to leave but she was headed to pick with "EARL", that's when I knew that we were out of our league, but it sure was fun and I was honored to meet Lizzy, Glen Williams, Foggy Hollow Bluegrass Gatherin' Alabama
I love the Lewis Family and was sorry to hear that the family is retiring. I was very glad to hear that you are going to continue. We have coffee houses at our church and we would be love to have you be part of one, if you are ever in our area. I live in Roscoe, NY. You used to come to Shinhopple to the Peaceful Valley Camp Grounds. We live a couple of exits before there. We will miss the family, but look forward to seeing you and Lizzy. You sound great. Thank You so much and God Bless your new ministry! Sincerely, Carole Currey
Lizzy and Little Roy, I just found your website and it's great! We are l;ooking forward to seeing you in Logan inAugust. It looks lke things are starting to happen. Good Luck and God Bless. Dave and Peggy
Website looks good! See you soon. May God bless you.
good luck you two . I am glad to see it all come t0 past.
The site looks good.
wow lizzie love the new pic of you and roy really looks great.. loved you Amelia and looking forward to seing you again there. Best wishes on your tours
Hope for the bestt for both of you. Have seen both of you many times. Love both of you See you down the road Harold
Like the website! I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the Pennyroyal in Fairview, OH in October. Will hopefully be seeing the family in Charlotte, MI in June. Can't wait to catch up on what's been happening!
Hello Folks !! Looks Good. We'll see you in the Big Town of Elberton GA soon !!
You guys need to get to Asheville! The mountain folk would love you!
Good luck and God Bless! I have been telling folks for the past year or so that Little Roy would re-invent himself and felt sure that it would include Lizzie. Lizzie's voice is really getting great-keep it up girl. We're proud of you.
Great website! We look forward to seeing you soon!
Way to go! Maybe I can contribute some photos down the road! Love the new CD!
The site looks great...and I can't tell you how much fun I am having picking again with you and with Little Roy...
just checking to see if this works....leave us a message.